DPR - SleepArchiTx selected for Top 5 Test Drives of 2019!

05.02.21 07:47 PM By Nataly

Top 5 Test Drives of 2019

[By John Flucke] Original Article by Dental Products Report here!

Dr. John Flucke, chief dental and technology editor at Dental Products Report, reviews the products that left an impression on him this year.

As we all have become aware in the past few years, there is a sleep epidemic in the United States. Or, to be clearer, there is an epidemic of a lack of quality sleep in the United States. About 22 million Americans suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and of those, 80 percent who are considered moderate or severe are undiagnosed.

So, if a doctor is interested in treating OSA how do they get properly trained and up to speed with helping their patients? That is where SleepArchiTx comes in.

The company offers a turnkey solution for doctors that provides marketing and training on sleep studies, diagnosis, treatment, and medical billing. They also have certified sleep physicians and dentists well versed in oral appliance therapy to provide training and coaching for every step of the clinical process.

Whether you are just getting into treating sleep disorders or have been doing some cases but simply want to do more cases and do them better, SleepArchiTx can provide what you are looking for.